BlackLivesMatter: Nueve Nombres y Tres Vídeos Virales para Entender por qué EEUU Está tan Enfadado

Las protestas por la impunidad policial en los homicidios de Michael Brown y Eric Garner continúan en Estados Unidos al grito de “No puedo respirar” y #BlackLivesMatter (las vidas de los negros importan). Nueva York se prepara para acoger este sábado la Millions March NYC, una manifestación que exigirá al Departamento de Justicia que presente cargos federales contra los agentes involucrados en las muertes de estos y otros hombres negros.

Daily Mail

'I think pepper spray is maybe a good idea, but if you're being sucker-punched, you're not going to see it coming so I don't think there'd be enough time to react,' resident Gina Oliva said. 'Me, I think it's just safer to walk in pairs if we can.' One woman told ABC she was planning on carrying a taser.

In U.S., ‘Knockout Game’ Turns Deadly

In Jersey City, 46-year-old Ralph Eric Santiago died in September after someone punched him and he struck his head on an iron fence. In May in Syracuse, a group of teenagers attempting to knock Michael Daniels out with a single punch wound up beating and stomping him to death, according to police.

It was not so Different

In the United States, the increase in consumption of crack after 1984 occurred along with a noticeable increase in violent crime in urban centers as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. This experience generates a certain concern in the American media: will the exportation of the phenomenon to the biggest Latin American economy, three decades later, increase the risks of security for tourists attending the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics?

Children Should not be Jailed, says Report

Rebecca Palmer, a youth worker with 20 years experience, and who works for the Children and Young People's Unit at the Greater London authority, said in her essay: "The negative perception of young people as 'hoodie-wearing yobs' should be concertedly challenged. The age of criminal responsibility should be raised to 18 and Asbos should be abolished. No child should be in prison and alternatives should be sought."

Youthful Idea to Solve an Old Problem

Beth Pearson, November 02, 2005 Peer pressure has a bad name. It's the first port of call for anyone looking for an explanation of why young people smoke, have sex, try drugs and wear clothes that don't suit them. That said, it's nothing short of a remarkable failure in logic that if peer pressure can … Continue reading Youthful Idea to Solve an Old Problem

Le juge et l’enfant

Au moins quarante-quatre États américains ont promulgué depuis 1992 des lois permettant de juger des adolescents comme des adultes. Selon Jeffrey Butts, chercheur à l'Urban Institute de Washington, les peines obligatoires de rigueur et le durcissement du système judiciaire juvénile engendrent des sentences " surprenantes " : " Nous avons repoussé les limites de la culpabilité et de la responsabilité."

The Economist

Perhaps the most compelling argument against curfews is that there is no evidence they work. Many boasts have been made by policemen and mayors, says Jeffrey Butts of the Urban Institute, a think-tank, but most of their curfews have merely been riding the wave of declining crime rates across America. He insists that there is no substantive research that shows a link between curfews and reduced crime.

Face aux Gangs d’Adolescents, les Etats-Unis Misent sur la Police de Proximité

En fait, selon Jeffrey Butts, les causes sont diverses et d'abord économiques : avec le taux de chômage le plus bas depuis des décennies, davantage de délinquants ont trouvé un travail, la possibilité de survivre en jouant le jeu. D'où une amélioration de la sécurité dans les rues et la renaissance des centres-villes.