National Journal Brazil – Easy Access to Firearms Returns to Center of Debate in United States

31 Deaths in Two Sniper Attacks in a Few Hours Increases Pressure for Congress to Change the Law National Journal, Brazil August 6, 2019 [Translation by Google. Probably Imperfect.] The ease of buying a firearm has returned to the center of debate in the United States. The 31 deaths in two attacks over the weekend […]

The Guardian—Murders up 10.8% in Biggest Percentage Increase Since 1971, FBI Data Shows

Crime trend experts said they expected politicians to overplay the significance of the new numbers and to react with “hysteria”. “You lost 50lb. You gained back a couple. You’re not fat,” said Jeffrey Butts, the director of the Research & Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at your behavior, because the trend is not good.”

El País—BlackLivesMatter: Nueve Nombres y Tres Vídeos Virales para Entender por qué EEUU Está tan Enfadado

Para Jeffrey Butts, director del Centro de Investigación del John Jay College de Justicia Criminal, la respuesta ciudadana tiene que ver la viralidad con que se han propagado en internet los testimonios gráficos de estas muertes. “Antes pasaban años entre uno de estos casos emblemáticos y otro; ahora nos enteramos de cada uno de ellos”, explica a Verne Butts. “Esta narrativa personal mueve a las personas más que estadísticas llenas de datos”, añade. De hecho, los disturbios de Ferguson (Misuri), donde murió Brown, figuran entre los temas más comentados del año en Facebook y en Twitter. Cuando habla de “narrativa personal”, Butts se refiere a vídeos como el de la muerte de Garner, en la que se veía al agente Daniel Pantaleo reduciendo hasta estrangular a Garner por vender cigarrillos sueltos mientras éste repetía “No puedo respirar”.

Daily Mail—Latest Victim of Sinister ‘Knockout Game’?

CBS reports that in Pennsylvania, on teacher was hit so hard he collapsed head first on a concrete curb. A man from New York City was punched and knocked out cold. Jeffrey Butts of John Jay College told CBS that he thinks the game is popular amongst teenagers trying to prove their manhood but who in the end just prove that they are ‘still children.’

Carta Capital—It was not so Different

In the United States, the increase in consumption of crack after 1984 occurred along with a noticeable increase in violent crime in urban centers as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. This experience generates a certain concern in the American media: will the exportation of the phenomenon to the biggest Latin American economy, three decades later, increase the risks of security for tourists attending the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics?