Trump: murder is at a 45-year high. Actual statistics: that’s not remotely true. Surprise: Trump just made a wildly inaccurate…


Washington Times

Criminologists may have expected the 2016 FBI crime data to attract attention during an election year, but they warn it is difficult to draw conclusions about trends from single-year fluctuations.


The Guardian

Rising violence in 2015 driven by increase in murders of black men and gun crime, as experts brace for political ‘hysteria’ amid 2016 election.

Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel

Claudia Viles, even after tax theft conviction, commands community favor The former Anson tax collector’s supporters say her compassionate, trusting…


The Atlantic

Judge’s Football Team Loses, Juvenile Sentences Go Up No, seriously. EMILY DERUY Kids who are sentenced by college-football-loving judges who…



Some criminal justice experts caution that limiting early release programs could backfire…


Critical Diversion

Researchers do not already know everything there is to know about reducing recidivism and keeping youth out of the justice system.