Evaluation of the Cure Violence Model

logo_rwjf_blueWith funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Research and Evaluation worked with the Center for Court Innovation (CCI) to design and implement an evaluation of the “Cure Violence” model of gun violence reduction. Project partners at CCI implemented high-quality Cure Violence programs in two neighborhoods in New York City while the Center collected survey data from young men in those neighborhoods as well as four comparison neighborhoods. In addition, the study tracked shootings and other violent crimes across the city. Unlike previous evaluations of Cure Violence, the study was not designed primarily to estimate the effects of the intervention on program participants. Instead, researchers tracked the transmission of anti-violent norms from participants to the broader social networks of young men in high-risk communities.

Key Project Staff
Dr. Jeffrey A. Butts, Principal Investigator
Sheyla Delgado, Project Director

$3,062,000. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ.

More About Cure Violence

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