Congressional Quarterly Researcher

Reforming Juvenile Justice Should teens who murder be treated as adults? by Christina L. Lyons September 11, 2015 ... Americans have “a deep cultural instinct to punish as a way of changing behavior,” says Jeffrey Butts, director of the Research and Evaluation Center at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. “And … Continue reading Congressional Quarterly Researcher

New York Nonprofit Media

CLOSE TO HOME A JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM TRIES TO REBOUND FROM EARLY TROUBLES By GABE PONCE DE LEÓN ... A collaborative effort between the city and state, Close to Home is part of a larger “realignment” of New York’s juvenile justice system—a recent movement that favors community-based alternatives to placements in rural correctional facilities, and … Continue reading New York Nonprofit Media

Gangs of New York

Allegations in Harlem the latest blow to a celebrated anti-violence program by Simone Weichselbaum April 3, 2015 Kathy Buettner, the spokeswoman for Cure Violence, responded to the story Friday and wrote: "The issues about the management of a site are handled at the local level, not at the Cure Violence national level." New York City … Continue reading Gangs of New York

Chronicle of Social Change

Positive Youth Justice: Curbing Crime, Building Assets By John Kelly February 9, 2015 Underneath the tension-laden surface of national politics, there is growing agreement that the United States needs to rethink criminal justice, that the nation is over-reliant on expensive and ineffectual incarceration and short on other strategies that would lower the likelihood of continued … Continue reading Chronicle of Social Change

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Evidence-Based 'Gold Standard': Coveted, Yet Controversial by Gary Gately, August 13, 2014 It seemed a throwback to the days of the country doctor: Go to the patients instead of having them come to you. As a young intern in the pediatrics department at the University of Virginia’s medical school in the mid-1970s, Scott Henggeler got … Continue reading Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

  At ‘Wit’s End’: Scared Straight Programs Remain Popular Among Parents Despite Warnings by Elly Yu, May 9, 2014 “I have parents saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore, you’ll need to come get her, come get him – I don't want him anymore.’" “I feel like I’m at my wit’s end,” says a mother about her … Continue reading Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Interpreting the Juvenile Incarceration Drop

by Jeffrey A. Butts, March 20, 2013 Juvenile Justice Information Exchange On March 17, Nate Balis and Tom Woods from the Annie E. Casey Foundation responded to my JJIE opinion column from March 7 in which I cautioned that it was too soon to claim intentional reform as the cause of recent declines in juvenile … Continue reading Interpreting the Juvenile Incarceration Drop

Are We Too Quick to Claim Credit for Falling Juvenile Incarceration Rates?

As we celebrate falling incarceration numbers, those of us who work in juvenile justice should take a few moments to contemplate the true origins of the decline. We venture onto thin ice — empirically — if we conclude that incarceration is down because of changes in practice and policy.

DC Reforms Offer Some Kids New Beginning

New center models holistic, age-appropriate, therapeutic approaches February 21, 2013 by Kaukab Jhumra Smith LAUREL, Md. — A few years ago, facilities manager Carl Matthews rounded a corner inside a residential unit of a secure juvenile center near Washington, D.C., and came across the dangling body of a boy who had, moments earlier, hung himself from … Continue reading DC Reforms Offer Some Kids New Beginning

Interview with Juvenile Justice Update

In the October/November 2012 issue of Juvenile Justice Update, Marion Mattingly interviewed Jeffrey Butts about juvenile justice policy, practice, research, and the status of innovation across the country. From the interview: "I think in the future, just from economics alone, we will have a lot more public-private partnerships. The job of the government should be to … Continue reading Interview with Juvenile Justice Update

States Mull Ohio-Style Juvenile Justice Reform

by Maggie Lee, Nov 26, 2012 Georgia has room to make its juvenile justice system more regular, cheaper and better, according to preliminary suggestions from a blue-ribbon panel charged with drafting an overhaul. States including Texas and Ohio have gone down the same path, which, say experts, is not completely smooth. Georgia’s juvenile justice system … Continue reading States Mull Ohio-Style Juvenile Justice Reform

Governor Decides—in Juvenile Justice, City Kids Belong Near Home

BY ABIGAIL KRAMER January 17, 2012 — If Governor Cuomo gets his way, New York City will cut the number of children it sends to state-run juvenile justice facilities by more than two-thirds over the next two years, receiving more than $35 million per year from the state to create a new spectrum of services … Continue reading Governor Decides—in Juvenile Justice, City Kids Belong Near Home