Estimating the Costs and Benefits of the Separate Juvenile Justice System

The goal of the Research Roundtable on Estimating the Costs and Benefits of the Separate Juvenile Justice System was to assist the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice in examining the feasibility of a cost-benefit analysis of the nation’s separate system of juvenile laws and juvenile courts. Arguments about the value... Continue Reading →

National Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts

The National Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts was located at the Urban Institute and funded by the U.S. Department of Justice to improve the methods available for evaluating drug court programs for juvenile offenders. Researchers from the Urban Institute's Program on Youth Justice investigated methods available for evaluating drug courts for young offenders. The goal... Continue Reading →

Forecasting Secure Bed Space for Young Offenders in the District of Columbia

The Urban Institute's Program on Youth Justice was asked to assist District officials in creating a process that could be used to anticipate future demand for secure bed space for young offenders. The project was funded by the court-appointed monitor of the District of Columbia's consent decree in Jerry M. v. D.C., a lawsuit about... Continue Reading →

Assessment of Space Needs

The Assessment of Space Needs Project investigated the factors that contribute to the demand for juvenile detention and corrections bed space and developed an internet-based forecasting tool that state and local agencies can use to create their own forecasts of future demand. In response to a direct request from the United States Congress, the Office... Continue Reading →

Evaluation of Teen Courts

The Evaluation of Teen Courts (ETC) Project  investigated how teen courts respond to young offenders and measured the effect of teen court sanctions and services on recidivism. The project assessed the impact of teen courts (or youth courts) on juveniles accused of misdemeanors and generally non-violent offenses. The evaluation collected data on youth outcomes such... Continue Reading →

Youth, Guns, and Juvenile Justice

The Youth, Guns, and Juvenile Justice project was conducted with funding from the Joyce Foundation of Chicago. The Foundation asked the Urban Institute to review recent trends in youth gun violence and to describe the actions taken by state policymakers in response to that violence. The falling rate of violent crime in the United States is... Continue Reading →

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