Jacobin Magazine– Did You Really Think Trump Was Going to Help End the Carceral State?

Jurisdictions that make extensive use of parole tend to have higher recidivism rates because more of their returning citizens are under the surveillance of parole officers and subject to onerous parole conditions that, if violated, could send them back to prison. “Comparing virtually any group of states or cities with simple, aggregate recidivism figures is inherently misleading and should constitute statistical malpractice,” according to criminologists Jeffrey A. Butts and Vincent Schiraldi.

Evaluating Stargate Theatre Company: Sample Task Plan

To succeed, an evaluation of the Stargate Theatre Company would have to meet its key goals and objectives by following a task plan, such as the following: PHASE 1 – DESIGN Goal I. Review the Literature Objectives: I.1 Identify and organize all relevant literature on arts programming for at-risk youth, including unpublished and agency-based reports. […]

Assessment of the NYC Gun Violence Reduction Strategy

The Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College is assessing the implementation of gun violence reduction initiatives in New York City neighborhoods. With funds awarded from the New York City Council, the project is tracking the formation and deployment of gun violence reduction strategies in five areas: South Bronx, Harlem, Jamaica (Queens), North Shore […]