Study: Community Program Reducing Violence in Two NYC Areas

NY1 News reports on JohnJayREC's recent study about the effects of Cure Violence. Includes a short comment from me. By Dean Meminger NY1 News October 3, 2017 NY1 VIDEO: Grassroots organizations have often argued they can stop violence in a way the police department cannot. Criminal Justice Reporter Dean Meminger tells us about a new … Continue reading Study: Community Program Reducing Violence in Two NYC Areas

Evaluating Cure Violence in New York City

Discussion at a community roundtable organized by the National Academies of Sciences. Also watch the session following the presentations in which Jeffrey Butts and Daniel Webster respond to audience questions. Read more about the products of the evaluation.

Discussing Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange ( hosted a Google Hangout (online live chat) between the director of the R&E Center, Jeffrey Butts, and Cynthia Lum from the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University. The conversation covered a number of topics, including the nature of evidence-based practices, how programs or practices become evidence-based, and … Continue reading Discussing Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

CBS This Morning

  May 30, 2014 The sheriff's department says it knew a month ago that killer Elliot Rodger had put alarming videos online. As Carter Evans reports, deputies didn't watch those videos before visiting Rodger's apartment three weeks before the his shooting rampage. Interview includes comments from Jeffrey Butts. [ read article ]

CBS This Morning

Missed Warning Signs? May 26, 2014. ... The Santa Barbara sheriff is defending his deputies who visited shooting suspect Elliot Rodger's apartment just last month. CBS News' Bob Orr reports on the evidence they didn't see. Interview includes comments from Jeffrey Butts.