Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

The Research and Evaluation Center worked with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. (YAP) to enhance the research and evaluation focus of YAP. Center staff and consultants collaborated with YAP personnel to design research studies of sufficient rigor to improve the organization’s data-driven orientation and to develop high-quality evidence of its effectiveness. The Center recommended strategies to build upon and expand YAP’s existing evidence base, including designing and promoting consistent data-collection and data analytic methods. The goal of the effort was to help YAP to develop a comprehensive approach to evaluation and quality improvement and then to conduct and disseminate the results of studies that move the organization toward becoming an evidence-based model.

Core Staff
Doug Evans (Project Director), Jeffrey Butts (PI), Sheyla Delgado, Rhoda Ramdeen

$100,000. Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.