New York Public Radio– The Docket: The Tessa Majors Case and the State of New York’s Juvenile Justice System

The Tessa Majors case is a test for New York's recently-enacted Raise The Age law, which barred the state from automatically prosecuting 16- and 17-year-olds as adults. Jeffrey Butts, who leads John Jay College's Research and Evaluation Center, told Floyd that this is the exact kind of case that the law's critics could use as leverage to reverse it.

NY Daily News—Outreach Academy Aims to Get Middle-schoolers Back on Track

But Jeffrey Butts, who examines crime reduction strategies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said programs that label recreational drug users as addicts can be actually be dangerous. “Trying marijuana is typical during the teenage years,” he said. So “we can end up doing more harm than good by singling someone out and saying ‘you’re not normal and we need to do something special with you .’”